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Wombats Pre Kinder Group ( 3-4 yrs )

Wombat room our 3-4-year-old Pre-kinder program.

During this key stage in a child’s development, it is extremely important for each child to build a solid emotional foundation for future life. As they develop a greater understanding of their emotions, they begin to identify how they are feeling and quite often wanting to express those thoughts. Being able to clearly articulate and communicate these thoughts, ideas and emotions is an important aspect of each child’s emotional development. As Educators, we are able to assist the children in developing appropriate language and strategies, so they may identify and clearly express how they are feeling to their peers and Educators.

Children have an innate curiosity to explore and discover, a desire to experience things for themselves and develop greater independence becomes a more important focus for each child during these years. As they make new discoveries, we are able to scaffold these learning experiences, providing appropriate support and knowledge to further their skills.

As children develop a greater understanding of belonging to a community or group the desire to interact with their peers and Educators becomes greater. As Educators we are able to assist the children with appropriate strategies and ideas that will encourage positive and cooperative social interactions, encouraging each child to respect and appreciate the ideas of others as well as confidently contributing their own.

As children gradually refine their physical development, both gross motor and fine motor skills, they develop greater coordination strength and control manipulating and managing more complex tools and equipment for example as they move from fist grip to a pincer grip.

In addition to our comprehensive program in the 3-4-year-old room, we also offer an additional Pre-Kinder program available to the children 12 hours a week, operating three mornings from 8:30 am – 12.30pm at no additional cost to parents. This program allows another opportunity to focus on the individual development of skills and experiences specific to the needs and interests of each child. With a ratio of 2 Educators for the group of 15 children, we are well above the required ratio of 1:11 children, as required by the National Regulations, thus allowing a greater opportunity to have quality interactions with individual children, observing their interactions and play experiences, so we may further their development and support and extend on their understanding and ideas.

Our Kindergarten Teaching Staff

Are all qualified in Bachelor of Education (Primary or Birth to 5 years) or Graduate Diploma Early Childhood Teaching

Currently, children in the 4yo program need to attend a minimum of two days per week to receive the state requirement of 15 contact hours with an early childhood teacher. Outside the “official” kindergarten program hours both the 3yo and 4yo programs continue to provide a wealth of learning and development opportunities.


Session Times

 3yo  Kinder Program


Monday, Wednesday and Friday

School terms only