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Family Day Care






Family Day Care is accredited childcare which takes place in an educator’s own home.  Groups are small, with no more than four preschool children and no more than seven children in total, including school agers.

The small, mixed-age groups mean Family Day Care is often a low-stress introduction into out of home care, especially for babies.  It also allows siblings to be together.

The program is based on children’s developmental needs and interests and incorporates a lot of one-on-one time with the educator.  Local excursions such as trips to the library or park are encouraged.  Some educators provide meals but most ask that parents supply a packed lunch and snacks.

Family Day Care comes under the same regulations and quality assessment as long day care and educators meet regularly to discuss how to provide a quality program.  Fieldworkers regularly visit homes to ensure programs are meeting requirements and to offer support.

The scheme is administered and supported by the Co-operative office and educators must meet all regulatory requirements including:

  • All adults living in the home need Police and Working With Children Checks.
  • The educator must hold, or train for, a minimum childcare qualification of Certificate III.
  • The home must be checked for safety, using guidelines from Kidsafe.
  • The educator must hold public liability insurance
  • The educator must hold First Aid, Asthma and Anaphylaxis Certificates.
  • The educator must develop a child-centred program for all children in care.
  • The educator must document daily activities and each child’s experiences while in care.


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