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Policies and procedures are an essential part of the Mt Alexander Family Day Care Scheme.

Together, policies and procedures provide a roadmap for day-to-day operations and ensure our practices comply with the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) Law, Education and Care Services National Law and Regulations and the National Quality Frameworks (NQS). The Mt Alexander FDC policies provide information to families regarding children’s health and safety, immunisations, enrolments, absences and fees; they also guide decision-making and support a more streamlined internal process for all stakeholders.

Please see a list of downable policies below:

(If you would like a hard copy, please contact the office on 035472 3665)


About Family Day Care

About Family Day Care Code of Professional Conduct

About Family Day Care Participation

About Family Day Care Policies

About Family Day Care Purposes Aims & Objectives



Administration Absence Fees

Administration Accountability Requirements

Administration Accounts

Administration CCS

Administration Enrolment Procedure

Administration Equipment

Administration Inclusion Support Grants

Administration Late Early Fee

Administration Media Enquiries

Administration Network Support

Administration Payment to Educators

Administration Publicity

Administration Records



Educators Absences

Educators Assistant Educators

Educators Bullying Policy and Procedure

Educators Competencies

Educators Discipline Termination

Educators Duty of Care

Educators Fee setting

Educators Fit & Proper Persons

Educators Grievance Resolution of Differences

Educators Home Safety

Educators Home Visits Monitoring

Educators Insurance

Educators Keeping a Register of Educators-Coordinators

Educators Maternity Leave

Educators Monitoring policy

Educators Orientation

Educators Playgroup

Educators Record Keeping

Educators Registration

Educators Selection & Registration

Educators Students & Volunteers

Educators Supervision

Educators Training In-Service Education

Educators Visitors



Facilities Assessment & Approval of FDC Venues & Residences

Facilities Assessment of FDC Educators & Adults Residing

Facilities Equipment

Facilities Food Preparation

Facilities Laundry

Facilities Nappy Change

Facilities Sleep and rest for children

Facilities Sleeping-Beds, Cots & Bedding

Facilities Storage

Facilities Toilet & Hand Basins



Families Child Care Subsidy

Families Complaints

Families Enrolment

Families Orientation

Families Payment of Fees

Families Priority of Access

Families Terminating Care



Health & Safety Alcohol & Drugs

Health & Safety Animals

Health & Safety Authority for Medical Treatment

Health & Safety Bathing

Health & Safety Child Safe Environment FDC

Health & Safety Cleanliness Maintenance & Repairs

Health & Safety Dangerous Substances Items

Health & Safety Dental & Oral Health

Health & Safety Emergency Fire Drills

Health & Safety Epidemic and Pandemic

Health & Safety Exclusion Infectious Diseases

Health & Safety Fencing

Health & Safety First Aid

Health & Safety Food

Health & Safety Food Handling

Health & Safety Head Lice

Health & Safety Health of Educators & Children

Health & Safety Heaters Coolers Hot Liquids

Health & Safety Hygiene & Infection Control Nappy Change

Health & Safety Illness

Health & Safety Immunisation

Health & Safety Incident, Injury, Trauma and Illness

Health & Safety Indoor Environment

Health & Safety Manual Handling

Health & Safety Medical Conditions

Health & Safety Medical Conditions-Allergies and Anaphylaxis-Appendix 1

Health & Safety Medical Conditions-Asthma-Appendix 2

Health & Safety Medical Conditions-Diabetes-Appendix 3

Health & Safety Medication

Health & Safety Motor Vehicle Transport

Health & Safety Occupational Health & Safety

Health & Safety Outdoor Environment

Health & Safety Outdoor Play Equipment

Health & Safety Plants

Health & Safety Responsibility

Health & Safety Smoke Free Environment

Health & Safety Sun Protection

Health & Safety Telephone

Health & Safety Toxic Products and Minimal Use

Health & Safety Water Safety Pools



Provision of Care Behaviour Guidance

Provision of Care Child Protection Reporting

Provision of Care Delivery and Collection of Child

Provision of Care Dignity & Rights of Child

Provision of Care Educator Child Ratios

Provision of Care Excursions

Provision of Care Inclusion

Provision of Care Interactions with Children

Provision of Care Media Use in FDC

Provision of Care Parents Access to information

Provision of Care Placement of Children

Provision of Care Planning for Childrens Development

Provision of Care Privacy

Provision of Care Support Services