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Childcare Centre

At our long day care centre, Castlemaine Childcare Centre, we aim to provide a secure and loving environment.  We deliver a child-centred program of experiences where children can learn, develop and grow with the support and guidance of our highly qualified staff.

Our centre is conveniently located close to the centre of town and is easily accessed by buses and trains.  Our building, which is part of the heritage streetscape, has been extended and renovated over the years to include spacious play areas both indoors and out, with a focus on natural materials throughout.

We have always maintained ratios above required regulations.  We offer separate facilities for each year age group and keep our groups small.

We have excellent staff who are supported to update their skills in line with new developments in early childhood education.  Low staff turnover encourages long-term relationships for children with their educators.

Families from all backgrounds are welcome and the program includes input from all cultures.

Children with additional needs are included in the program in close consultation with parents.

The centre is registered with the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) and licensed by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) and operates in accordance with the National Law and Regulations.

Centre programs

The Centre provides programs to cater to children’s physical, intellectual, social and emotional needs, respects individual differences and offers creative play experiences that are non-sexist and non-racist.

Our programs are based on the National Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF).  Activities and curriculum are planned around individual children’s interests and provide a balanced developmental program.  Every child’s progress is documented in an individual portfolio.

All educators are allocated time each week to plan and develop programs.  These programs are based on observations of the children and aim to meet individual needs, interests, and developmental stages.  Details and children’s portfolios are displayed in the rooms for parents to read and parental involvement is sought and welcomed.



FAQ: Why do I still need to pay fees when my child does not attend due to Carinya being closed on a public holiday?

This is a standard practice across the child care sector and is necessary since we still have to pay our staff wages and other operational overheads for public holidays.

What is the Child Care Rebate (CCR)?

The CCR is a government subsidy which covers 50% of out of pocket Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) expenses for approved services (such as Early Years), up to a maximum amount per child per year, in addition to any other child care assistance. Further information about the CCR can be found on the Department of Human Services website.

What is the Child Care Benefit (CCB)?

The CCB is a means-tested benefit which helps with costs for approved and registered ECEC such as long day care, family or occasional day care, outside school hours care, vacation care, pre-school and kindergarten. Further information about the CCB can be found on the Department of Human Services website.

How it all works here

We enter your child’s enrollment information into our software management system.   Our system communicates directly with Centrelink Child Care Management Service (CCMS), matches the Child’s Customer Reference Number and the Parent’s Customer Reference Number (CRN) and tells us what the Child Care Benefit percentage rate is for that child.

Carinya cannot alter or edit the CCB % rate.  This rate is determined by Centrelink and any questions about rates must be directed to Centrelink

Sometimes the Centrelink CCMS fails to return a Child Care Benefit percentage rate to us when a child first enrolls.  This can sometimes take up to 6 weeks for Centrelink to rectify.  This is outside of our control at the Centre.  Any payments you make before your CCB percentage is known and applied, will be paid to your account. You may be in credit when your percentage comes through.

 Why have my fortnightly payment amounts changed?

  • New enrolment – the actual CCB percentage rate has not been confirmed with Centrelink
  • New enrolment – the actual CCB percentage rate has been confirmed with Centrelink and was different to what you reported to us
  • Change in percentage of Child Care Rebate (CCR) – could be an increase or decrease in payment
  • Change in the payment destination of the Child Care Rebate to the parent and not the service; a change only parents can make with Centrelink.

Carinya has the wrong CCB percentage rate – how can this be fixed?

  • Carinya cannot edit the CCB percentage rate.  This rate is set and administered by Centrelink – speak to Centrelink if you think your rate is wrong.
  • If you get written confirmation from Centrelink that your rate has changed we can cancel and resubmit your enrolment data. This can lead to delays in CCB and CCR.
  • When changed rates are applied by Centrelink, your account will be credited or debited accordingly.

What events change the percentage value of my CCB?

  • If families update their combined income estimate/report, this could result in a change in CCB and CCR entitlements
  • If another child in the family is added to a service, this could result in a change in CCB and CCR entitlements.
  • Government policy can change the total amount administered by the CCB and CCR.

Explanation of the types of entries found on my statement.

Type of entry  Explanation
Fee for ‘child’s name’, dates, amounts of hours EXPECTED This is an expected fee based on the booked hours and is a guide for how much you should expect to be charged.
Fee for ‘child’s name’, dates, amounts of hours ACTUAL This is the actual amount charged based on your child’s attendance.
Actual CCB fee reduction for the week ending (date, always a Sunday) using xx%. Gap remaining for parents to cover is $xx This is the actual CCB benefit reduction and the gap payment the parent is to cover

The CCB rate is calculated by Centrelink and cannot be changed by Carinya.

Enrolment Absences YTD This is the reported absences taken Year to Date.  You will see this on your statement every 3 months or following a fortnight with a reported absence.

Absences are set to zero on the 1st July each year.

CCB percentage rate appears in bold 1st July each year

Families have reported a change in financial circumstances to Centrelink resulting in a change in percentage rate.

Scheduled payment received This is the actual amount we have deducted from your account
Expected CCB This is a percentage value provided to us by Centrelink CCMS which allows us to calculate fees in advance.  Please note that Expected CCB and Actual CCB can change – see notes about what can trigger this change.
ACTUAL CCR This is the amount of CCR paid to the service.

Please note that if CCR is paid directly to the parent you will not see it in the account transactions.

Cancelled transactions This is a correction by the service provider based on signed attendance sheets.  If a transaction is cancelled it will be followed with a new transaction.