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Echidna Kindergarten group ( 4-5 yrs )

20160630_124121Echidna Kindergarten group ( 4-5 yrs )

The Echidna room caters for a maximum of 15 children each day and has 2 educators and one qualified kindergarten teacher.

Our program is designed and run by a degree-qualified teacher and a diploma-qualified room leader.  The kinder program runs five days per week and all children in the Echidna room can participate in aspects of the kinder program.

We endeavour to provide a rich learning environment based on the interests of the child, who we view as capable, creative and naturally curious.  We recognize that children have their own unique learning styles and will develop at different rates and so our focus is on a strength-based program, which promotes a love of learning.

While the clock does not bind us strictly, our routines do follow in a predictable sequence to enable the children to experience a rhythm to their day.  Children are given choices and empowered to make some decisions for themselves.

We offer a flexible indoor-outdoor program. We actively encourage and seek a collaborative partnership with the families of the children in our care. 

        ‘The room belongs to the children’.



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